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Stepping into his first dance class, Chris Jacobsen felt himself come alive. A connection with the art was created that has guided him through life since that moment. His journey of creative discovery continued while attending The San Francisco School of the Arts, where he studied Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Afro-Haitian.  Armed with a deeper understanding of dance, he then began to experiment with the art of choreography. In 1999, Chris established The Dance Company of San Francisco. As the Artistic Director, he created an alternative environment for passionate dancers to explore the art of dance with less focus on commercial standards and more on personal growth. Continuing through to today, the desire to share his passion consistently challenges his dancers to exceed their perceived capabilities. Chris has been traveling nationally with the highly acclaimed dance convention Adrenaline Dance Inc since its inception. He continues to create choreographic works for companies and schools across North America.  He has been an Artist in Residence at Ruth Asawa (San Francisco) School of the Arts since 2016. As co-director and founding member of The Dance Sessions, Chris is driven to educate dancers in a loving and safe environment, so his students can enlighten and inspire each other with their own passion. He welcomes all to his class and invites us all to be present and let go of expectations.Type your paragraph here.